MODx Tutorial and Demo Site.

ARCHIVE copy of Susan Ottwell's guide to MODX Evolution

This is my site for working with MODx. I create web applications using Ajax, simple snippets and plugins to extend MODx features, and design and customize templates for MODx. Here you'll find articles and tutorials on how things work in MODx, and how I made different web applications, such as how to submit a document by email and how to create a custom database management module.

This site is now running Evolution 1.0.6 ; you can download the latest stable version of MODx from here.

  • Articles. Articles and tutorials on how to create a simple snippet, set up a blog site, or create a database management module with AJAX.
  • Demos. Demos of various applications and snippets, some I have written, others from the MODx download repository. Try before you download.
  • Guest Manager Login. *Coming soon!* Log in to the Manager as a guest user and view just about everything; snippets, modules, documents, plugins and chunks.
  • Download an archive of collected documentation (6.8Mb .zip file).

Hopefully this site will be helpful in your understanding of how to get the most from MODx. Don't forget to search the MODx Forums and the MODx Documentation as well as our old wiki for answers to your questions, and ask if you don't find what you're looking for.